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191598_10150205580494056_4877429_oHi! My name is Amanda Bude and I am an experienced Antenatal, Birth Suite and Postnatal Midwife of 20 years, Advanced Holistic Pregnancy, Baby and Child Sleep Specialist, HypnoBirthing® International Childbirth Educator and Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Amanda is one of Australia’s top sleep consultants, and proudly is the FIRST Australian and Midwife to study and become a Certified Maternity, Baby and Child Sleep and Settling Consultant, through the International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI). Recently in 2016  I have become a Holistic Pregnancy and Child Sleep Specialist.

I am a mum of 3 beautiful children, age 8 and boy/girl twins, 7 years old- all HypnoBirthing® babies. I  consult as a Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, Australia wide, and run HypnoBirthing Antenatal Classes and Baby Massage Classes on the Gold Coast.

Having had 3 children in under 2 years, Amanda can focus on any baby sleep issues and baby sleep problems that you may have.


Why I Became a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Hand’s Up if you ever had a baby that had reflux and colic? Yes that was me.

Hand’s Up if you ever had twins that had reflux and colic? Yes that was me… and all THREE of our babies had cow’s milk protein intolerance (CMPI) – yes allergic to my breast milk.

Hand’s Up if you are considering going to sleep school for any said reason? Yes that was me… actually I went to 2 DIFFERENT SLEEP schools… I now am proud to offer sleep packages that will suit you and your baby and now offer my own in-home sleep school program.

Hand’s Up if you know what it is like to clash with family, friends or even medical staff on what should, would, could  and be confused about what my babies were “meant” to be doing and instinctively knew that what they were suggesting was WRONG for them and me – Yes that was me.

Hand’s Up if you are dog tired – I mean do your aching bones feel so tired that you just fed the wrong twin twice, gave your toddler rice bubbles for dinner and had to hire dog walkers because the thought of getting out of the house to the post box is just too overwhelming? YES that was me.

I have been you and survived. Sleep Deprivation affects families worldwide.

So my journey led me to becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant- that is trained in the Business of All Things Sleep – because before no amount of experience personal and professional actually QUALIFIED me to be a Sleep Consultant. Be REASSURED I can help you.

Why HypnoBirthing®?

Working as a midwife when pregnant with our first child I was determined to find “a better way”, to bring our baby into this big wide world. I wanted a natural birth that was calm, without fear and without intervention. The word “pain” is synonymous with childbirth, but I knew that did not have to be the case. Having become a NLP practitioner I knew that positive thoughts = positive outcome, but when it came to pregnancy and birth where were those tools to come from as my husband and I faced becoming parents.

Fully aware that a difference in care can result in a different type of birth, and after much research, my husband and I commenced a Childbirth Education Program with a difference- HypnoBirthing® by Marie Mongan.

This led onto the most beautiful experience of the birth of our little Amelia. As she arrived I held her in my arms and she was alert, calm and just perfect. She looked like she had just come out of a bath- not through the birth passage, she was so relaxed. So much so I wanted to give birth again, and again using the HypnoBirthing® technique!

I believed so strongly in the positive outcomes of HypnoBirthing® I then went onto become a Certified HypnoBirthing® International Educator and with great belief in myself and my body, then used the technique to have our twins. Born normally, with a few “special circumstances”, our baby boy and baby girl (Josh and Bree), entered our world as calmly and securely as I could provide for them. Again, as I held them in my arms- they were calm and alert.

They were the SECOND twins born in Australia EVER with this method. Now internationally recognized and used I give great respect for Marie Mongan and her belief in woman, their bodies and for the Gold Seal HypnoBirthing® Method. I, in turn give back by teaching this technique to the many couples that come to Groovy Babies HypnoBirthing® International Classes.

Having spent over a 19 years working with families and pregnancy it a privilege to empower woman in discovering their natural birthing instinct from conception though to the first year of parenting. Experiencing the joy and challenges of a multiple pregnancy myself I have a special interest in assisting other families of multiples to be. I have a passionate dedication to re-assure mums-to-be that birth can be the way nature intended.

Why Baby Massage?

When our little girl was born I was looking for a place to go where I could meet other mums and have fun with my newborn angel. Something that was beneficial for us both and did not involve coffee and cake!! It became apparent quickly that she had colic so I started infant massage classes as a way to help sooth those tummy pains. Not only did I learn techniques for this, but I also learnt about baby states, cues and types of crying- my baby was teaching me her ways of communication. The bonding we developed through these classes is unimaginable. The fun we had incomparable! The benefits of trust, respect, security and sense of well-being for me as a mum irreplaceable.


  • Registered Midwife.
  • Registered Nurse.
  • Reproductive Medicine (IVF) Nurse Specialist.
  • Holistic Prengnacy and Child Sleep Specialist- 2016.
  • Advanced Sleep Consultancy- 2014.
  • Diploma of IMI Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant Program-Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant-2011.
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) with Infant Massage Australia
  • HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator – Certified and Affilated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner


If you're ready to start your journey to better sleep more content babies and children, contact me now for your COMPLIMENTARY 15 minute phone or skype consultation.

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