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Baby and Child Sleep Consultant Gold Coast AustraliaAre you on TEAM-NO SLEEP?

Our sleep & settling approach assists in developing healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate for the family’s needs, lifestyle, and values.

Every family we meet is unique. No two consultations will ever be the same. Every sleep package we create is custom.

Whether you are having issues with day sleep, or night sleep or both we can help your family find that balance of healthy sleep patterns.

Amanda believes that the sleep process is a natural function of the human body that does not need to be taught or trained. She focuses on finding the aspects that are interfering with your child’s body’s natural rhythms, homeostasis and often lifestyle to support sleep .

Child sleep is not just a child issue but a family sleep issue.

By examining the entire context for sleep – the physical, emotional, social, developmental and environmental factors – Amanda works holistically with sleep during pregnancy, during infancy and childhood.

She will assess the family, not just the child sleep problem, and make adjustments to sleep that are in alignment and responsive to the family’s needs.

A Baby Sleep Consultant and Advanced Holistic Sleep Expert  working her magic with 100’s of Australian Sleeping Families, each year, Amanda is Australia’s first Midwife and Advanced Holistic Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant.

She has been featured on Channel 9- Today Extra, The Courier Mail, Gold Coast Bulletin, Sunrise and ABC radio stations, 96.5 Family Radio and Juice FM, Hot Tomato and published in Nurture- Natural Parenting Magazine and KidSpot, Essential Baby, Practical Parenting and featured in The Australian College of Midwives- families world wide are having sleep success with Amanda’s 3 Step Program.


Although located on the Gold Coast, Amanda works Australia wide and Internationally as a baby sleep consultant, toddler and child sleep consultant.

Known as the Go-To Baby Guru and Baby Whisperer Amanda, has worked with many multiple families, including her own twins and understands that kind of tiredness first hand. Recommended by, and working in conjunction with many other health care professionals she empowers Gentle Sleep Solutions for your Child’s Emotional Well Being.

Amanda successfully works with ALL styles of parenting. Her non-judgemental approach to sleep health is what makes her sought after. She is a Professional Associate of Attachment Parenting International. API



Groovy Babies provides 4 different types of support packages for your need and budget:

  1. Sleep Chat Sessions: 1 hour phone chats for simple solutions of transitions.
  2. Phone or Skype Sessions: For those outside the Gold Coast area, Australia wide.
  3. In Home Visits.
  4. In Home Sleep School.
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Sleep & Settling Services

Do you have a baby, toddler or child with sleeping challenges? Do you have multiples? Have you tried everything but still can’t seem to find a long lasting solution for a full night’s sleep or a restful day? Amanda can help bring back the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep LONG term.
The Groovy Babies approach to sleep education is unique – working with families during all stages from pregnancy, newborns to age 5, develop healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate.

Amanda is a Holistic Pregnancy and Child  Sleep Specialist that will tailor a sleep service plan to each family’s needs and goals, then provide a personalized sleep solutions plan that parents are comfortable implementing.

She will provide you with practical strategies for establishing a consistent schedule and clear cues that tell your child’s body when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to be awake.

Working together we design a schedule that fits “YOUR UNIQUE” family- be it 1 child, 2 children OR 3!!

Although Amanda prefers a gentle approach to sleep solutions, whatever your parenting style she works with it, to find an approach that feels right for you and your child.

Our Approach

Traditional sleep learning can be a challenge and hard for both parents and child.

Groovy Babies offers a NEW approach that acknowledges and respects both child and parent’s emotions, and emotional well being in relation to the sleep work process.

Amanda states “When working with families my aim is to empower parents, help you understand the underlying roots of any sleeping problems, crying and settling behaviors, then provide you with the understanding, education and tools you need to work towards improving your child’s sleep and “BRING A PEACEFUL NIGHTS SLEEP” back to your home”.

Amanda will assess all aspects of your baby’s daily life to determine why you are experiencing challenges with your baby or child’s sleep. Many elements affect the sleep process (previous settling habits, schedule, household dynamics, mother and baby’s health, nutrition, day naps, and environment).

Working together, she will help you understand how to optimize your baby’s routine to create restorative sleep for the entire family.

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Below is a list of some of the issues we may cover:

  • I assist families to develop healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate for your needs, lifestyle, and values.
  • I support the mother during pregnancy with her sleep.
  • I educate and raises awareness about health, fitness and nutrition for mother (pre/postnatal) in relation to sleep.
  • I support parents postpartum with their sleep issues during their time of transition.
  • I am certified in  the most widely recognized international child sleep training methods, approaches and practices.
  • I consider family dynamics, temperaments, sleep environments, sleep/wake-time windows, sleep associations/crutches, developmental milestones.
  • Your sleep plan is designed with an understanding of sleep challenges and solutions, lactation, special needs, overnight work, nutrition.
  • Your sleep plan will deliver an in-depth look at sleep products and safety, that you currently use.
  • Your sleep plan involves an in-depth look at green and eco-friendly sleep practice.
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Why Can’t I Figure This Out on my Own?

You may well be able to! However, my clients, who are from all areas of life and are  masters of their own crafts, but when it comes to helping their own young children develop good sleep habits, they are stumped, confused, anxious or just exhausted. Many have older children and feel torn.

There are dozens of useful books on the subject of infant/toddler sleep, most describe their own processes and methodologies and how they fit the general population. A one sized fits all approach.

As parent’s we read or google several sleep settling books, chat with family friends or Facebook, which can  confuse us more. Other times parents choose the concepts they like from several different methods, “try” it for a day or two, but those elements are not always complementary to one another, or to your child.

The bottom line is that many parents are exhausted and too weary to try and figure it out on their own. Trying to sort out all the variables can be overwhelming, especially when you haven’t slept well in some time.

Groovy Babies through careful assessment unravels the puzzle, and working together we put those pieces back together in the right order for your family.

In home consultations, phone, skype and email packages are available. Visit our online store for full details of our SLEEP PACKAGES or to make a booking.

Travel Costs:

Within 30 km of Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast no charge.

30-50 km of Mudgeeraba $50 additional.

50-80 km of Mudgeeraba $80 additional.

80 km plus  of Mudgeeraba $100 additional

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